Thursday, July 16, 2015


Imagine...We pay for a trip to Hawaii. We read all of the brochures and fun stuff about our upcoming trip. We even get ourselves into the gym to be in shape so we can climb up Diamond Head or maybe even go Surfing. 

After months of waiting and reading and working out, the day finally arrives. Excitedly we get to the airport counter and Bam! 

The person at the ticket counter greets us with a nice smile and not so politely informs us that we.....are not actually Going to Hawaii. 

They then say that they are "Sorry to have mislead us" and "Maybe they should have said to us in advance of us paying the full per-paid fare, that we would not necessarily get to actually Go on Vacation to Hawaii - Sorry to not say that up front!" --Then, to make it worse: You are made to feel like it is somehow Your Fault

Nope - This can't work! 

Yet... for many schools?  -- It is working!  Working very well!

But who is at fault ?  

Is it Us?: 
Is it our fault for paying the Full Fare to the: "You just may not actually get to go to Hawaii, Travel Company"? 
A "company" known to have a history of this type of thing, and especially after seeing this exact thing happen to so many others beforehand? 
That sounds like a mistake on our part, doesn't it?

Well, is it the School's fault? 
Maybe for not leveling with us up front?

Is it Both? ...  Who Knows? 
There is definitely one thing that is true and the trick now is to ask to about a schools' "Yield" beforehand

In other words: We should "Read The Reviews" by "Folks in the Field" (the Field you want to go into...) and seek out the places these people went to school or and the ones they recommend for us.

We need to Stop just thinking that the words "We Have A Good Program for x,y or z..." means that we will actually get to do what we went there to do -- Even though they conveniently have taken our money already ! 

Who's mistake is that ?'s Ours! It's Our Mistake!  
Remember: The "Yield in the Field" matters. Good schools, like good teachers will leave a trail of successful students in their wake! We have all seen this to be true.

Caveat: Obviously, many schools have amazing Yields and many have had these amazing Yields for decades. 
And often times we, as students can be a bit delusional about our real chances of doing well in our chosen fields. Even if our schools were to magically open the gates, we still have to take Responsibly that, for instance: If we never practice (hello...???) Then complain about not playing - Take Responsibility that if we are say 5'1"...That we probably won't get to play Center in the NBA -- Take Responsibility that if we hate being in the water...That we probably won't get a great gig as a dolphin trainer. 

There has to be accountability on our parts here, too!  Big Time! But, if we find ourselves already attending a school with a low or zero yield, then it is our mission to seek out, or request help to bridge this gap.

I offer a "Positive Disruption" Consultant service that I bring  to schools and individuals - It is "Positive Disruption" in as far it disrupts and works to eliminate this pattern of "No Yield" or "Low Yield" Status in schools. It also works to eliminate the ineffective mental patterns that so many of us have adopted and we repeat to ourselves daily; allowing for unnecessary failure and the constant imprinting of poor planning thought patterns to continue - making the wrong things feel Right

"Positive Disruption"...This is the new solution! 

Remember: If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten.

Many music students have significantly reached out over the past year for Clinic and Coaching Help: What's happening right now? -- Is obviously not working for them! 

It's our job to be accountable and keep things real. 
It's our future and our lives.

This time: Enjoy Hawaii. 

We've Earned It! 

-- Jump 

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