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A Big Thank You to those of you who have asked about Teaching and Coaching - Okay! Here's how you do it:

Online lessons via Skype!

If you have a computer, with internet access (and a webcam) that is all you need for lessons with FDG. All that's left to do is a Skype account and buy lesson time.

Email me at Info@FrankDavidGreene.com to setup lesson time or to ask a question 

Those of you also looking for my new Success Management coaching and Peak Performance Success coaching, the half hourly rate is the same as above.

Schedule your lesson time by emailing me at Info@FrankDavidGreene.com with your preferred day and time...and your Skype name 
Please let me know where you are (to avoid scheduling issues) OR you can simply base your requests using Eastern Standard Time (EST) if that is easier. 

The rate for on-line lessons is based on $60 per half hour. You can buy as many half hour sessions as you'd like using a paypal account or credit/ debit card. 

Lessons and Coaching via email

Lessons and coaching are available also via email for those of you with time restraints or if this is your preference - rate $60 for 5 email correspondences (emails within reason please).

Let me know how I can help you:

  • Book a lesson! 
  • Get a block of lesson time!
  • Set up for email lesson options!  
  • Purchase lesson time as a Gift!  
  • Ask a question...

For Lessons and Coaching contact Me at: 


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