Tuesday, June 28, 2016

About FDG

A bit about Frank David Greene! 

A really cool thing happens when people see you playing on an iconic television every night...

They come and find you!  

Sometimes people reach out to you on Facebook or Twitter or they just email you. 

Sometimes folks come wait for you at the TV Studio stage door. 
It’s maybe a bit scary - but also very cool, too!” 

People have exploded my Facebook and Email accounts with questions - it's a pretty cool feeling and I'm honored! 

Now my Email box has reached the point where I can't respond to everyone who’s asked me for help. 

So, I created this blog space where people can subscribe and then ask me questions. I can answer questions here in my blog posts, in order to provide help in a bigger way.  

Testimonials -- ! 

Mr Greene,First off thank you so much for coming to our school, it was such an honor to meet you. Secondly, I loved learning so much from you. I really enjoyed that your music concepts related to life as well. Meeting someone like you really made my day, that day. It was truly an honor. That hour with you was so inspirational and influential. Thank you again,Dara S.

Dear Mr.Greene,
I wanted to thank you for the time you took to come talk to us. It was my favorite visit so far which sounds cliche, but I really appreciated how instead of just going over our pieces you taught us lessons. Life lessons that apply whether you're going into music as a career or wanting to pursue any job. I am not planning on pursuing music as a career, so that is why I greatly appreciated your visit, because I know I'll be able to take that knowledge of not assuming and to make sure I use the magic words "I don't know" to motivate me to find the answer. Thanks again for everything.
Peter N.

Mr. Frank Greene was a very nice person. I really liked him because he wasn't just relating to music. He was lecturing to us about the basics of life. His message was if you want to do a skill or career and you've never experienced it before; you got to look for people and ask people how to get to the skill or career. You can't do it on your own if you never done it before. If you do, there's a high possibility that you could fail. I thought that he was a pretty cool guy. He is a very smart man and really understands the basic concept of life. And the decent thing is that he took his own time to come up to Nyack and share with us his experience as a star musician.
Oliver A.

Dear Mr. Greene,
Last friday was very insightful. I am amazed at how you accomplished what you accomplished and I feel privileged to have been taught at a young age about the secrets to success. As a young child, I always looked to be successful, and even made it a priority to get wealthy from my future career. I am only in 9th grade, so I still have time to figure out what I want to do( I play the trumpet, and was sitting on the end if you were wondering). I look forward to being in contact with you, so please write back. I hope to have you in my RCI.
Take Care, Dorian H.

-- Jump!  

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