Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No Problemo! Big Problemo? ... No Problemo!

What is this "No Problem" thing? - It seems to be pervasive.

I tell actually my students: "If you want to set yourself apart from everybody else, then a quick and easy way is to say: "Thank You", instead of saying "No Problem" like everyone else. This seems so Crazy! 

People take the time to say a nice "Thank You" to us and we reply back with: "No Problem"... No Problem????
                                                    ---It's a head scratcher! 

I just can't even imagine replying with "No Problem" to the people I've worked for: Maynard Ferguson, Clark Terry, Slide Hampton, Ray Charles, Kevin Spacey, John Williams, Paul Shaffer and especially David Letterman...when they have been gracious, and said "Thank You" to Me.

When my students stopped saying "No Problem" they said they realized:

1) Just how many other people are saying it - without even noticing they are saying it. 

2) That people have actually stopped and taken notice of this crazy, magical new reply of: "You're Welcome'

3) And if somebody chooses to reply with a: "No Problem"- Does it possibly imply that there may soon be a problem? 

If so, When? - Maybe the next time I come in??? ... And what happens when simply doing our job becomes a Leonard Bernstein scored Problem? ... Maybe a Street Rumble? -- Do I need to bring pepper spray and a taser with me when I go to get my next Venti iced coffee - Just in case? 

We are all in the "service-industry" in some way or another. And if we don't know that - Then maybe that might be the problem - But when we appreciate our customers with a simple reply of: "Thank You...It's My Pleasure". 
                       --- It just seems to carry so much more weight and appreciation. 

Otherwise the vibe can mistakenly come across as: 
"I am really way way way too good for this job, and I will remind you of that every single time by saying "No Problem" when I am asked to serve you..." 

As in: Let me send a note to corporate, via social media -- and I will take my money elsewhere. I think the "No More "No-Problem" Response by Employees" issue will be a big part of next week's Team Meeting! 

Let's be honest...
The "No Problem" thing?  -- It's a response that needs...Tweaking! 

Because we are way better than that! 

-- Jump 

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