Thursday, June 4, 2015

How in the heck did I get here....

Now that the fall semester is over and the summertime break is just beginning, this is a good time to take a short pause and to let ourselves think for just a moment. 

Do we still feel like we are doing what we are supposed to be doing?

Do we still like what we are doing with our lives and the direction it’s going?

Do we even know anymore? 

In “4 for 40” - This period of time is our Purest-Training-Time. It's the time we can do our most focused work and really zoom in, developing our true “Prodigy” gifts. 

One key component of our “Prodigy” is: That one thing we just cannot get out of our minds - It’s the thing (or things) we just really love and want to do all of the time -- and would do for free! It's partly the thing we do or want to do whenever we have free time to ourselves. It's nagging, but in a good way! It's a pure desire. 

But - Is it possible perhaps, somewhere along the way, maybe during the last semester or two that we let ourselves become sidetracked? Maybe we started chasing ideas based on somebody else’s success? When, in fact their success is likely due to them being true to their own Prodigy gifts in the first place? 

 --   This is a very important distinction, because let's just face it: If we are not really good at what we do (by not staying true to our own Prodigy gifts) – It becomes very very very easy for other people to just walk in and claim the things originally designed for us to have and enjoy. 

Those darned “other people”…  Who do they think they are?!?!? 

Seriously for a moment: It is so so easy to begin to chase after something simply because someone else is doing it extremely well....and it looks cool -- And maybe perhaps because they are getting attention?

But - Is it even cooler than we think our “Prodigy” is? 

Nothing is further from the truth! 

Perhaps it is just that we have truly yet to see what “Our Thing” (Our Prodigy) can really become, when we let it be.    

.... When we ignore our own “Prodigy” like this, what we are actually doing is allowing ourselves to chase after the something that somebody else “Can't Get out of Their Mind”.  We are now chasing Their "Prodigy" 

Shoot! - That’s what makes it look so darned attractive in the first place!

We are basically just watching a visual representation of somebody truly following along in his or her own “Prodigy”...  And in reality - It's a very attractive thing to watch.  

Sadly, this is also exactly why so many people find themselves chasing and chasing and then can feel totally lost after awhile.   

 --- The trick is:   

We take a moment - Go someplace alone. We refocus. We re-align ourselves. 

Let's recall the great things we have in our own minds - The things that we truly love - All of the things we even loved as a child!

What are those things we have in our "Prodigy"? 

They seem to be in our hearts for a reason.

.......It is very important that we move to have the things we want to have and to do the things we want to do. Maybe that's why they have been so gleefully nagging us for so long in the first place? 

-- Ironically, when we do this refocusing back to our own “Prodigy” gifts, it stands to reason that once we begin re-chasing our own true "Prodigy", we will now appear as attractive as they once did to us. 

Lest these others allow themselves to now get caught up in chasing and chasing after Our “Prodigy”! 

-- Here we go again… 

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