Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Slumber

"4 for 40" - Summer Edition

When we treat the summer as basically an off-switch for our 'Prodigy-Focus Goals'....

We are pretty much just saying:

"Yep! I'll just go ahead and have a huge helping of suck, please!" - "Hmmm.... Yes and gimme the"I'm gonna really struggle later" platter ...and Yes,  I do 'want fries with that'!
- We might just wanna get used to saying that last line.

The Summer Slumber just kills all of our hard earned momentum  -- And our RCI?
It goes right into the crapper too!

Remember: It's not "summer break" for the whole world and that's right where we are headed, like it or not.

So stay in touch with your mentors and keep building your RCI -- Always keep the "One Thing that Never Goes Out of Style" in the front of your mind -- and keep your 'PK' wrist bands on to stay focused.

Others out there want the same After-School life that you want too, and you can bet they won't be Un-Plugging this summer... 

Remember: There Is Room for You out there - but not Extra Room!  - Stay Focused; You Can Get To Do Want You Want to Do!

Have a great Summer!

- Jump!   

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