Friday, June 5, 2015's really more of a Sprint!

People have been saying for years that life is more of a Marathon than a Sprint and I guess we can all understand the concept behind that.  But when we really break it down and consider how effective it is to think in this way, we quickly realize that it's actually a bit counterintuitive to think of life as: a Marathon?

What we have learned about human concentration and focus is:

Studies have shown that anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes is the longest most of us can truly focus on something without needing a break of some sort. The pattern reveals itself to be: Work, then Break--Work, then Break--Work then Break or Work–-Rest, Work-- Rest, Work--Rest – Etc....

If we take a good look at this Pattern: We quickly see that (for us to focus and do well on things) this starts to look a whole lot more like Sprint-Training than Marathon-Training, doesn't it?

On top of which, the extremely successful people I have spoken to over the years about their own “Successful Study Techniques” and “Best Results Techniques for Music Practice” break down their own study routines into this type of Sprint-Training structure as well. Maybe also implying that some of us Rest much much more than we Sprint,  thus creating a life that's more of a "Rest Marathon".

Train Better - Do Better - Be Better - Have Better ... It's such a great feeling to try the simplest of adjustments and see the huge results-change.  It's so easy to get into a vapor lock on an idea we hear said over and over -- Even if it does not help us or work well for us - we can get mind locked into it Forever -- If we are not careful.  

So the next time someone says to us: “Life is a Marathon, not a Sprint" - We can just nod our heads in agreement, but know that it’s not really true at all.

Either way.... We're gonna get moving!

-- Jump!

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