Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Some Universities Are Like 'Lethal Weapon 2'

Years ago, there was a very popular movie called 'Lethal Weapon-Part 2’ that starred Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and the hilarious Joe Pesci.

If you've ever seen this movie, you will recall the scene where the three main characters go to a late night drive-thru together; where just moments after pulling away, Joe Pesci's character (Leo Getz) realizes his order is completely wrong and the anger he feels over it creates the setting for this famous soliloquy. 

Eloquently Called:
"They $%##* You at the Drive Thru!"

He rants: "Don't ever go to the Drive-thru and do you want to know why…? -- Why? -- I'll tell you why! Because they $%## you at the Drive-thru! That’s Why! -- They know you'll be miles away … and you won't turn around and go back! …"
(You can You Tube it if you've never seen it!)

Ironically -- Many College Students I have spoken with over the past few years have expressed this exact feeling. They seemed to feel that their Colleges and Universities really don't care about them, ultimately. Especially knowing that they - as former students, will be off and miles away -- Not able to go back and really do anything about it if they now find themselves unhappy with the end-result of their College Investment.

My advice is always the same:

We need to do something about it Now and not wait until we're finished with and far away from school !

Now, I know that not everybody can just choose a different College and pick up and leave if they are unhappy with the school they are currently attending. But what we Can do and Must do is: Insist that our Schools Bring In or Help us to connect with Success Consultants - To help to create these success-bridges - in addition to the normal curriculum.

This is especially important for the Schools that find themselves without a large and diverse "Successful-Former-Student-Roster". 

Note -- We as Students have to Remember:
Colleges themselves are not "Magical Crockpots" that can simply guarantee our success, just because we enrolled! We can't walk in with our heads in the clouds or buried in the sand in regards to our expectations. We have to also be more responsible for the direction and outcomes of our often extremely large Educational Investment we made for ourselves.

Let’s Be Real:

At the End of the Day... If we come out of College not doing of the things what we wanted when we enrolled?

-- It’s always going to be our fault!  Schools rarely, if ever claim any fault.

It’s just a fact,  so go with it! We, as students need to make some hard decisions about schools BEFORE we choose to attend - And we certainly need to be involved in what we allow to happen once we are in College - Because ultimately our successes and or failures ... are our responsibility.

So let's step up and take responsibility! 

I personally enjoy going into a school when I know that the students were the ones who had Requested Me. I most often find myself at Colleges and Universities to speak primarily because the Students themselves have Requested me to be there as a Clinician/Consultant! This has to become more balanced. It is also very nice to see that many Colleges, Universities and even High Schools are becoming more Proactive and more Progressive in their Caring about the Future Outcomes of their Students.

The fact is this this:
Students and Parents nowadays are beginning to do their proper due-diligence, before selecting a College or University - And they are basing their "Purchasing Decisions" largely by focusing on each potential schools' "Successful-Former-Student-Roster" - The Success Fraternities they want their Children to be aligned with after attending a chosen University or College.

The Parents and Students are basically saying: “Show me the Money - First!” in a way - And many schools are clearly seeing this new "handwriting on the wall" - They have already become Proactive and Progressive in efforts to deal with this new and changing reality and what this can mean for them! 

With Colleges facing declining enrollment - It is quickly becoming a simple pragmatic equation:

Successful Students = Successful Colleges  -- And, 

Successful Colleges + Successful Students = Continually Thriving and Surviving Colleges!
(and thriving Successful Students) 

It's an equation that serves everybody well.  

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